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Private hack for PUBG by UniqueHacks.
100% Undetected Contains AIMbot, ESP, NoRecoil, 2D Radar and more
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25 USD

PUBG HACK'S Features

  • Trigger bot
  • Aimbot Prediction
  • Aim Point
  • Prediction Limit
  • Silent aim

pubg ESP
  • Player Health
  • Player Names
  • Distance ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Airdrop ESP
  • Vehicle

pubg EXTRAS hacks
  • 2D radar
  • Wallhack
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Custom crosshair
  • Fly car
  • Hack invisible when you streaming or recording video (Customizable)
  • English menu
  • Steam, Kakao
  • No HWID lock


​​how to purchase pubg hack?
- read this page

Is your PUBG Hack safe to use?
- It's absolutely safe.

What are the cHaNces of getting banned?
- Since our hack is undetected (100%) your ban can be caused only by other players' reports.

I'm having problems with installation, what do I do?
- It might be very helpful for you. Also our live chat is always can be some use.

Can I use your hack on 2 or more computers?
- Yes, but your account can't be logged in  two computers at the same time

Is there a possibility for a refund?
- We don't provide refunds, so please make sure you really ready to buy it. 

Also please note THIS before your first buying.

What should I do after payment?

  • After payment you will get an account with already activated product on it. You must download a loder firstly.

  • Exit your steam/Epic Store/Battle Net/Origin

  • Execute UH Loader

  • Log in

  • choose your activated product and load packages.

  • ​Select directory with your game and press inject (it will take just a couple of minutes)

  • Execute your game launcher

  • Press play in UH Loader

  • For In-Game cheat menu press "Insert" (can be changed in loader's settings)
  • Enjoy !

about pubg hacking

Player Unknown Battlegrounds & PUBG Hack
Gamers of all calibers will tell you that this is a hard title to get good at. There are many instances of a person becoming decent, only to be shot down by another player who has been absolutely grinding their lives away. It takes a lot of time to become a great player, but with PUBG cheats, all you need to do is turn on your settings. They used to call it “toggle”, in the good old days! Whether you’re just trying to gain a slight upper hand through removals, or completely blast away anybody who steps your way with the aimbot; our playerunknown hack will keep you wanting more and more.
This game is going to pit you up against hundreds of other players, some of which are going to be on the same team as one another. In order to make sure that you aren't just fresh meat being thrown to the wolves, it's always in your best interest to make use of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hacks. You'll spot enemies through solid surfaces with haste, allowing ambushes and sneak attacks to be set up as a result. Whatever it is that you're interested in pursuing, we have all of the PUBG cheats that you could dream of. Don't work with lackluster providers, as that's a quick way to find your account on the wrong end of a ban.
All of the weapons have a different feel to them, which is why individuals are going to have somewhat of a preference. Some people are going to go for the sniper rifle almost immediately, while others will be more keen on finding an automatic rifle. With PUBG hacks on your side, it doesn't matter what kind of gun that you happen to have – it's always going to aim true.
You can spot your opposition through the walls with the walhack, and then toggle on your aimbot to unleash a devastating ambush. Headshot after headshot, you’ll be able to take out entire fields of players with your wrath.
The opposing team is going to stare in awe as you completely demolish them, and if you're playing a solo game, it's pretty much over for anybody else that walks through your path. There's no need to work on your aim, or even trying to understand the map – all you need to have is a stellar Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds cheat to work with.